Beginning of an Era: Hecz joins NRG COD

H3CZ officially joins NRG following OpTic Gaming exit

With the news that OpTic Hecz left OpTic Gaming, we were left to wonder and speculate what his next move would be. There were rumors that he would be involved in the CDL somehow for some time. It had developed into real rumblings this weekend that he would join NRG's Chicago CDL team.

That news was made official this afternoon with the news that he was joining as "co-ceo".
The move comes on the back of the reports that Scump and Formal would be reuniting together in Chicago. The news that Scump and now Hecz aren't apart of OpTic Gaming at the start of COD franchising is insane.

I'm overjoyed we'll still have Hecz involved in the COD scene. It wouldn't be the same without him.