End of an era: OpTic Hecz is no longer with org he founded

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Founder of OpTic Gaming and esports Hall of Famer, Hector "Hecz" Rodriguez, officially announced his exit from OpTic Gaming, now owned by Immortals Gaming Club. The announcement came through on Sunday in a joint press release between Hector and Immortals ownership.

The end of an era is upon us. Since the earlier part of this year, we knew something was going to happen with OpTic Gaming as we knew it. Their relationship with Infinite Entertainment had soured and as a result, the org went on sale. They ended up being sold to Immortals Gaming Club.

That was this summer, and after a few months of meetings and negotiations, it appears that Hecz decided it would be best for him to leave. Hecz has meant more to COD esports, and esports in general, then we can really put into words.

Hecz's next venture has already been announced, his co-ceonership of NRG. The role would presumably be someone who ran the COD franchise. However, I'm unsure how that would be very different from what his role would have been with Immortals. Perhaps it's in semantics.

Either way, any fan of Hector is excited to see what he does next at NRG COD. It's just surreal to see this chapter end.