Podcast: Thanksgiving Food CFB Committee Rankings, Andor, the Adam Sandler Standup Trip, World Cup Ethics & Flood Advice

This time on the Unprofessionals Podcast, Nathan and I chat about the penultimate episode of Andor. We recap our weekend trip to the Adam Sandler standup experience. Then we dive into the World Cup and the circumstances surrounding it that make experiencing it so conflicting. We also wonder what movie memorabilia we would choose if given an unlimited budget.

Then we dive into the feast of all topics. The Thanksgiving Food Rankings, with a twist. We're our own two man CFB Playoff Committee and we're putting the top twelve Thanksgiving foods up against each other to find the champion.

00:00:00 Opening Topics
00:36:00 Thanksgiving Food Rankings
01:21:00 Creatine Corner and Flood Advice
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