Podcast: Baseball’s Goofy Playoffs, People, TV, or Things that should tank, and Creatine Corner


This time on the Unprofessionals Podcast, Nathan and I hangout with the baseball playoffs and whine about them for a bit. Then we chat about Andor, and briefly touch on the NBA and College Football before diving into the main topic. 
What would happen to people, TV or Movie Franchises, or other things if they decided to tank? For example, if Elon Musk, Professional Bowling, Captain D's, NCIS, Spy Kids, or plenty of other examples tanked, and rebooted, what would it look like? That's what we talk about And of course, finish up with Creatine Corner. 
00:00:00 Opening Topics 
00:34:00 IP Tanking 
01:07:00 Creatine Corner

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