The Gaming Scum Warzone Tournament

Modern Warfare Warzone Update 1.18 Patch Notes on March 27th

Trios Kill Race Warzone Tournament

When: Saturday, August 15, 2020 8:00PM ET - 11:00PM ET
Where: Twitch
Signup: Discord
Prize: TBD (Depends on total teams)

Signup Details

  • Deadline for signup is August 15 7:30PM
  • To confirm signup, send team name in Discord #Tourney channel
  • Venmo @JoshSuttr 15$ for team check in
  • Include your team name and participants. Then join the discord channel and include Activision IDs so we can verify KD.
  • Captains can report their team's score.


  • Everyone has to have one person on the team stream. Live share or Xbox stream should work.If you wall or aimbot, don't bother playing for the measly prize pool. Don't be pathetic.
  • KD cap for the entire team is 6.
  • Trios kill race tournament. 8PM-11PM. Games must start between the time frame. Games started before or after won't count.
  • Best 4 games will stack for points.


  • 1 kill = 1 point
  • 10 points for win
  • 5 points for second place
  • 3 points for third place


  • Each team costs 15$, or 5$ per person. Will be paid through Venmo to book your spot.
  • Winning team takes all.

Join the Discord and discuss any questions or details in the #tourney channel.