The Mandalorian delivers on its promise

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The Mandalorian snuck up on me. Of course, as a dedicated and loving Star Wars fan, I've been keeping up with the news and trailers regarding the show. But when Disneyploos launched yesterday and the username and password came across the wire from the ole in-laws, for the young kiddo, of course, it took me logging into the account to realize there was a live-action Star Wars television series awaiting my eyes. Then I about choked on lunch when I saw they had released each Star Wars remastered in 4K. The evening was set to be wonderful.

Like the good father I am, I showed my son his first few minutes of Star Wars in glorious 4K before putting him to bed. Then I settled into my worn-in couch cushion with some Aldi Merlot, cranked on the Christmas tree, and prepared my soul to be heartbroken.

To my immense surprise, and enjoyment, Disney and Jon Favs, as we call him in the industry, delivered on an action-packed and dark bounty hunter series. Granted, this is all for one episode. This could be a sweet taste in an otherwise crappy series, but for now, I'm going to enjoy that The Mandalorian is a freaking blast.

The characters are incredible and the action matches the stakes of his mission. There were some questionable moments, some otherwise sketchy flashbacks. I found myself in intermittent moments feeling like it was missing something. However, for the majority of the show, I was enjoying the crap out of the cinematography and strange feeling of silence that the show brought with it. 

We see things in the Mandalorian that we haven't seen in Star Wars before. If that's what this show brings us in the coming weeks, I'll be a happy boy.

How this show otherwise impacts how Disney treats Star Wars and the amount of the IP they create remains to be seen. But for now, in an isolated single episode of TV, Star Wars made me feel that type of Star Wars way for the first time in a couple years.