Twitter punts on political ads; President weeps

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Twitter officially walked away from paid political ads this week. CEO Jack Dorsey said in a series of Tweets, what a world we live in, that Twitter believes "political message reach should be earned, not bought". The move was in vast contrast to Facebook's policy which allows politicians, and whatever foreign countries the president invites in, to pay for a political ad with little ramifications from what it contains.

The president wasn't a fan of the policy. In his usual intricate way, he let people know what he thought of it through Brad Parscale. He also used the opportunity to flex his bias liberal media sob story.
“Twitter just walked away from hundreds of millions of dollars of potential revenue, a very dumb decision for their stockholders. Will Twitter also be stopping ads from biased liberal media outlets who will now run unchecked as they buy obvious political content meant to attack Republicans?"
Brad Parscale | Source
Facebook has been in the spotlight for taking a stand, if we can call it that, for not removing political ads even when they're blatant lies. A few members of the Democratic party tested that theory by paying for ads that were so ridiculous Facebook would surely remove them. Like Lindsey Graham endorsing a policy that would combat climate change, LOL.

The stance that Facebook took is that its not their responsibility to make sure people aren't stupid enough to believe something they see on Facebook. Which, as we saw in 2016, we know isn't the case. They just want the money and none of the responsibility.

Twitter, straight up punted from the entire catastrophe. There are clearly problems with just abstaining from political ads, but nowhere close to the number of problems with taking the money and turning your head like Facebook. Traditional cable stations didn't run some of the ads the Trump campaign wanted to run in 2016, and that will only continue in 2020. Glad to see that Facebook will continue to be the home for keeping taxpayer-funded political ads great.