Trump, trying to be fair, says China should investigate Biden as well

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Donald Trump, in a classy attempt to be fair to foreign countries, suggested this week that China also investigate Joe Biden's son Hunter.
"China should start an investigation into the Bidens because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine,"
Donald "beastmode" Trump | Source
Despite being in a trade war with China, Trump seemed to think it was a good idea to pour more dirt on himself and his impeachment inquiry. I already feel bad for China in their meetings next week about the trade war. It's just gonna be Don Jr. trying to make a deal like coked-up Kendall in Succession.

It's insane to have a president literally outing himself on live TV and on Twitter. His squad of goons also appears to have taken a likeness to doing things the millennial way. Trump's ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, had some text messages released that shows him discussing the security assistance that was being withheld until Ukraine investigated the Biden's. The "quid pro quo" Republicans/Fox News hosts say don't exist and Democrats insist exists.

Which, by the way, is WILD. The existence of a quid pro quo seems pretty obvious at this point. Between the actual substance of the phone transcript and now the released texts with our country ambassador to Ukraine, it looks like it happened. Here's more Taylor, who again is our countries' literal ambassador to Ukraine.
"As I said on the phone, I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign."
Bill Taylor, Ambassador to Ukraine | Source
What's wild to me is that law and order Republicans, which I grew up hearing about all the time, are still so cowardly in the face of Donny boy. He's literally asking two countries to investigate his main political rival. For something that was a bi-partisan effort when Hunter initially worked with Ukraine.

This would be a wild story even if what Hunter did was questionable, but the fact that members of Trump's own party co-signed the letter to have work with the Ukrainian administration makes Trump's asks even more heinous. But Fox News still thinks it's important to talk about Adam Schiff all day.

The president is asking foreign countries for help once again. He did so when he went on national TV in 2016 and asked Russia to find the remaining Hillary emails, the Mueller report shows the significance of that specific callout. Which you should read if you're still in denial. 

It's a blithering mistake to keep thinking the GOP led Senate will do anything about this. They've been denying climate change in the face of overwhelming evidence for years, they're not going to wake up and realize overnight Donald Trump is being nefarious when he's been nefarious in an election already.

This will be up to voters in 2020. We laughed when Trump asked Russia to hack Clinton's emails in 2016, now when he asks China and Ukraine for assistance as president, it's all the more significant.