T2P reportedly not teaming with Dashy and TJ

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It seemed like it was all but done. The rumors had culminated and it seemingly was a done deal that Scump and Formal were reuniting together. The duo would be teaming with Dashy, TJ, and a mysterious fifth.

Those rumors simmered for a couple days only to be splattered on Saturday during the Call of Duty Pro-Am. Apparently, according to one of the Reddit and Twitter heroes ThrowawayOG1 (who has been pretty credible thus far), OpTic LA is going to consist of Dashy, TJ, Slasher, Kenny, and a mystery fifth.

The big news with that is where is Scump and Formal on that roster? This was the entire point of the Crimsix exit, or so we thought.

One of the remaining bombs to drop has been whether or not OpTic Hecz is going to be deeply involved in the CDL at some point. The thought was that he was trying to round up a group to help purchase a spot, but it seems that perhaps he could be involved with NRG's Chicago spot.

The sourcing on his Chicago involvement is much spottier than the player reporting. The player's that apparently make up the Chicago roster are Scump, Formal, Gunless, Envoy, and Arcitys. A team that makes much more sense in terms of roles. However, TJ and Dashy versus Gunless and Envoy is a pretty close bet.

There is apparently some news to be dropped today around Chicago news. So we'll hopefully have some news around rosters and ownership that's more official then Reddit leakers.