Podcast: Rostermania, the exit of OpTic Crimsix and Karma, and the return of T2P

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Everyone knew OpTic Call of Duty was going to look drastically different next year for a variety of reasons. The first being OpTic in general as we know it is gone, with Immortals harvesting what's left. The second reason is that with franchising taking place in Call of Duty this season, the rosters were sure to see dramatic restructuring.

What wasn't all that expected was seeing OpTic Crimsix and Karma post that they were free agents on social media. So we're going to talk about the insanity of the unknown of Rostermania. Maybe talk about Censor and Blazt fighting like kittens, and also mention the return of T2P that the Reddit fanboys can't get enough of.

All that and more as I ramble my way through the Unprofessionals podcast. Check it out here on multiple platforms. You can listen on Apple Podcasts here, or Spotify below.