A crapper in the Mist

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Back in the day, I used to write about everything I watched. Then I had a kid, worked more, and stopped watching as much. NO MORE. I will write again! I've been watching more movies and TV as of late, and it's my time to try and think about the things I consume more often.

I've gotta be honest, I was really looking forward to the Mist. I've been entering the Stephen King sphere of entertainment and enjoying my stay thus far. One of the movies I wanted to see, and didn't care to read the book beforehand, was the Mist.

When the concept was explained to me I couldn't have been more excited. The time frame this was shot in is my favorite. The clothes, the hair, and the way everyone talks is a world I could live in for days. Once I saw the tiny northeastern town they were in, I was even more invested. When they got stuck inside the grocery store and I realized this was going to be a character drama inside of a chaotic event, I poured a thicc glass of merlot and settled in for what I thought was going to be a great time. Then the octopus legs slithered in and grabbed the bag boy.

It's a cliche at this point to say that when you show the big bad in a movie you give away your biggest element of suspense and surprise. But this movie of all movies should have known that it was setting itself up for failure when it showed those freaking slithering tentacles.

Once the movie became an attempted sci-fi thriller inside of a grocery store it went downhill. This movie sucked. The mist wasn't all that threatening anymore, and the mystery that should be something that is called the Mist, was retreating with each massive bug that flew around attacking them.

The ending was abominable. and I wish I could have my time back. Don't waste your time.