Winners and Losers from Call of Duty Champs

The Call of Duty World Championships have come to an end. The penultimate event of the Black Ops 4 season came to a conclusion in all the best ways. There were incredible 1v3 Search and Destroy clutches, there were chokes, and everything in between.

So before we move onto more franchising rumors and the nit pickiness of life before a new COD comes out, let's savor the winners and losers of Call of Duty Champs.


Call of Duty

This was one of the more ridiculous Champs in Call of Duty history. The amount of insane matches we had, to the superstar talent on various rosters. The overlords at MLG had to be happy, and the hype heading into franchising is going to be nuts. Roster reshuffling, wondering what will happen with the OpTic core, and how the season will actually be run are just some of the questions waiting to be answered.

OpTic Gaming

I'm gonna make the case that despite ending the tournament in disappointing fashion, OpTic Gaming were still winners. This isn't an easy position to hold, because they laid a fat egg on Sunday, but I believe it. OpTic went from going 0-6 in map count in Miami, to easily proving they were the third best team at Champs. Granted, Miami was perhaps an aberration because of the ridiculous role changes. But getting third at the biggest tournament of the year was still a drastic tournament and showed mental toughness.

Going Young

eUnited winning Champs wasn't a surprise. They dominated in Miami, and despite having an incredibly easy side of the winners bracket at Champs, proved out their consistency in all game modes. The turnaround eUnited made once they added Simp to their roster was incredible. They went from having aBeZy carrying their SMG load to having one of the best SMG's in the game. A game changing sniper with superb Search and Destroy instinct. Simp was easily the best pickup in Call of Duty this year.



Can I get a yikes for GenG? They fully peaked in Miami, finally getting to the Grand Finals they've craved and nearly touched all year, to not even making the knockout rounds at Champs. An incredibly harsh ending for a team that was impressive and consistent most of the year.

100 Thieves

The only reason I have 100 Thieves here is that it really sucks that they made one of the most ridiculous losers bracket runs in Call of Duty history, only to have the door slammed in their face by eUnited.

FaZe Clan

YIKES. FaZe were up 2-0 in the series, leading 2-0 in the control, and up in life count. Then 100 Thieves made the best comeback I've seen in modern day Call of Duty, capped off with a wonderful clutch from one of the best players in the tournament.