When does the Breaking Bad movie: El Camino come out?

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Stream time, release date, key plot points, trailer analysis, AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT. Breaking Bad: El Camino is here.

The Breaking Bad movie will focus on Aaron Paul's character Jesse. It takes place after the conclusion of Breaking Bad wherein Jesse escapes from a literal cage where was being kept to cook.

Vince Gilligan picks up his famed series in movie form this time, and it will debut on Netflix on October 11th. Netflix is where both Breaking Bad and Better Caul Saul have both had major afterlives.

The only characters to have been confirmed are Jesse's drug dealer buddy we see in the trailer itself and Jesse. In both Better Caul Saul, and now this movie, it's been expected that we're going to get major cameos.

Is Walter White in El Camino? Will Bryan Cranston make an appearance in the Breaking Bad movie is the biggest question I have. I don't wonder if this movie will be good. Vince Gilligan is a master and if he can pull off a procedural about a lawyer in Better Call Saul, this movie will be cake.

The Breaking Bad "universe" if we can call it that, is an interesting case study in today's franchise world. Everything is an extended franchise, and as long as it's beloved, you can bet some rich company will pump money into it.

That isn't to say I'm comparing Breaking Bad to Marvel or Star Wars. However, Disney's making a Home Alone continuation. HOME ALONE?! We're so reliant on intellectual property that it just seems remakes and extensions are a permanent fixture. So we get a Breaking Bad movie, and I'm happy. For now, I'm apart of the problem.