Watch the latest Star Wars trailer: The Mandalorian

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The first trailer for the Mandalorian came out at Disney's little D23 convention on Friday. I've had a weekend to process it and now we can talk. If you haven't seen the trailer in the flurry of news, here you go.

This trailer is the first Star Wars trailer since the initial Rogue One teaser that has me on the moon about the franchise again. The cast is incredible, the people who are heading this project up are even better. Jon Favreau and Taiki Waititi are leading directors for the project.
“I came in and pitched Kathleen Kennedy a version of a show that took place after ‘Return of the Jedi,’ “Favreau said on stage. “Chaos reigns because there’s no central government.”
“It’s a world like the old Samurai movies and Westerns,” he added.
Jon Favreau | Source
Jon Favreau is the head creative for this project. There was obvious excitement when his name became linked with Star Wars content. The excitement reached a new high when it was said the content he was creating would be in the "outer rim". Now, with the Mandalorian trailer in front of us, we can see exactly what he was talking about.
“I just want to say that for droid representation, it was very important for me that those characters get enough screen time,” Waititi said on stage. “They’re very misunderstood.”
Taiki Waititi | Source
This trailer is everything and more I wanted out of an "outer rim" based Star Wars project. The hope is that this gives us the gritty crime-filled Star Wars movie we wanted from Rogue One after its first trailer. Disney+ should help make some of these more niche Star Wars projects come alive. On November 12th we get a taste of the Mandalorian.