Beastmode BusinessMAYN: Let's buy Greenland

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Some people are just built differently. Some of us just know the grind, and the hustle that it takes to do business in these United States of America. Despite the degress, or job titles, none of us can match up to the business TITAN that is our president. The news this week, that Donald Trump wanted to buy Greenland only amplifies what we already knew deep down, our president is an absolutle beastmode businessman.

In 2016, one of the key talking points from those coercing themselves to vote for Trump was that he was a great businessman. Although, at the time I saw little evidence he was actually a great businessman. The evidence seemed to show he was an inheritance kiddie that took on loads of debt and made reckless financial decisions.

But as it turns out, he simply needed time to flex his business acumen in the White House. He needed to meticulously plan out shutting down the government as soon as his party lost house control. A move so genius we wouldn't understand the rationale normally. But, we had an inside look at the brilliant business move as it happened.

As it turns out, Denmark owns Greenland. The Prime Minister of Denmark was pretty insistent that Greenland wasn't for sale and she hoped this wasn't something seriously being considered.
"Greenland is not for sale, Greenland is not Danish. Greenland belongs to Greenland. I strongly hope that this is not meant seriously."
Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen | Source
You might be asking yourself at this point, what sort of genius mind games is Trump playing? He's certainly seven steps ahead of all of us, so what is he planning?

That's a wonderful question. We didn't even need to ask for an interview to find out his next BRILLIANT move.

Business is a tapestry. Its not some simplistic game being played out over Twitter and talk shows. This is back room dealings. Donald Trump is so far ahead of the business curve he doesn't even see his own moves.

Buying Greenland is weekend work. This is all setting up for the big one, buying Europe. Great businessmen don't think small. They think the impossible.