Apple believes it can charge more than Netflix and Disney for streaming

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Apple has poured years of time and money into its streaming service, and as a result, it plans on charging users 10 dollars a month according to Bloomberg. They of course plan on getting users into the Apple streaming playground by way of a free trial, but after that, they're looking at the lovely $9.99 price point.

This is hilarious for a variety of reasons. The first and key reason I find this so comical is that I'm fairly certain they're launching the service with five TV shows. Which would add up to a lovely $2 per television series Apple is producing.

The other reason this price point is insane is that Apple somehow thinks it has the ability to charge more than Netflix and Disney for its streaming service despite never having done anything close to this before. If someone can explain to me any other way to perceive this then Apple being pretentious and far too self-confident, let me know.

Apple being this confident in making TV shows either shows the Apple swagger that they've had making hardware and software over the years, or they're delusional. Apple doesn't t get to merely put 6 billion dollars into making TV and claim you're among Netflix and Disney simply because you're the most valuable company in the history of the earth.

People actually have to signup and commit to paying more than Disney and about the same as Netflix for your content. At $10 a month and five TV shows, there is no way in any world I'm paying for this service.

Until Apple obtains a massive content library or goes for a cheaper route, their streaming service is a failture in my book. At steep prices and an underwhelming content library, they're starting off on the wrong foot.