The best task management and reminder app

A free solution that ride itself of ads and device lock-in.

My hunt for the best task management and reminder app/software has been a long and annoying journey. For the last two years my “production” task and reminder apps have been Wunderlist and Apple’s iOS Reminders. There were problems with each of these that kept them apart.

Wunderlist was my go to for longer term tasks and consistent tasks. The ability to have subtasks, attachments, photos, and smart views kept me coming back. It was also cross-platform so I wasn’t locked into a hardware ecosystem.

Reminders was incredibly annoying. It was great on iOS devices, but try to use it in a browser on another platform and you were in for a treat. The UI was clunky, the views were sub-optimal, and it was just absolute trash.

Something new was needed. Enter a plethora of options, and I mean a plethora. Most of them were a free version, with a much better paid version. I couldn’t get the views I wanted, and it was often condensed to one device at a time.

Here’s my case for using TickTick.

  1. Multiple devices. There’s not a sync limit, from what I’ve found, for the number of devices I can have my tasks and lists on. It doesn’t matter if it’s iOS, Windows, or web browser. I can get everything I need.

  2. The custom views and default views. I needed a seven day view, a today view, and all view. I wanted to be able to pick which one was my default when I opened the app and wanted them to show or hide based off of tasks in them.

  3. I can integrate Siri with TickTick. So basically I can ask Siri to create a reminder, and it automatically pulls it from the Reminders app on the iPhone and puts in the essential details into TickTick.

  4. Shared lists. I can share a list with another account and collaborate based on the permissions.

  5. Great default tasks options. Being able to set the default options for any task I set is convenient.

  6. ITS FREE. There is a paid tier, but it isn’t essential.

Simple, task management is important. So is simple, easy to access reminders. TickTick is the best I’ve found at marrying both in a simple, easy to use UI.

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