The Best Moments from Stranger Things Season 1 and 2

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Before Stranger Things 3 releases, check out the best moments from season’s 1 and 2

Stranger Things Season 3 arrives shortly, and there have been a plethora of great moments so far in the show. Season’s 1 and 2 both have moment’s that encapsulate what makes the show enjoyable. What makes the show enjoyable for me isn’t so much the detailed sci-fi as it is being in the world with the people they put in it.

Those are the moment’s I’ll be putting together. The moments that make this show feel special. Starting off with the opening moment that sets the table for what the Duffer brothers have in store for us

Opening Sequence

This scene is one of the most wonderful opening sequences in television history, for me. There are obviously those that are more cinematically well shot, or those that are more climactic. But I remember watching this and immediately feeling that something special had been found. I had only turned on the show because an old friend from high school mentioned it, and initially thought it was going to be another drawn out Netflix series. Instead, we have the series we love today. This opening scene set the table for the music, the characters, and the overall adventurous narrative we’d be apart of.

The demo-dog bus attack

There’s a bunch to this scene that’s excellent. The leadup to this scene was really one of the first times in season 2 that it felt like raw Stranger Things. The kids being together just doing things. Then, we get a Jurassic Park velociraptor-ish scene with Steve fighting the demo-doges. Everything that makes Stranger Things enjoyable. The 80’s best friends hangout scenes, and the occasionally wildn sci-fi.

Eleven’s grocery store trip

This is a classic season 1 scene, and our introduction to Eleven’s flourishing personality. First calling the store manager a “mouth breather”, then making her way out the store with some mind controlled grocery carts and doors. This is one of the first introductions to her personality and, despite it being vague and short, does a great job at showing us who she’ll become.

Steve babysitting Dustin

This is great content. Steve really went from potentially being a buzzkill of a character in season 1 to the later episodes and into season 2 being enjoyable. His better moments are when he’s paired with Dustin. The two play off each other really well and their moments together give the show some nice comic relief. The writers continually use Steve in season 2 in fun ways, much more enjoyable of a character than either Jonathan or Nancy, or the bathroom break scenes as I call them whenever they come on screen.

“She’s our friend and she’s crazy”

Classic kids hanging out movie trop. We have the good kids, and the mean bullies. Then we get the redemptive Eleven appearance with the dope soundtrack and the wonderful one-liner from Dustin.