Get into the stock world for free with Robinhood

It’s as good and easy as it seems.

Getting into day trading and stocks, in general, can be intimidating. The costs and fees can be intimidating if you haven’t done it before. Most people have long term investments with a financial advisor or with their company, but for short term and the fun of doing stock trading, there hasn’t been an incredibly easy way to do this. Enter Robinhood and the plethora of “free” to use investment apps.

The main reason I went with Robinhood in my investment journey was the price but also the user interface and experience of their mobile app and desktop website. I needed something to easily see what was happening with my portfolio at a moment’s notice and make decisions based off of the information at hand.

You can signup using my link, and it’ll help you and me out. Get a free stock to start your investing fun. This isn’t an ad thing, this is just something they do for everyone who signs up. Really cool way to encourage recommendations.

There are buying and selling recommendations built into each stock. Articles from reputable finance sites and easy to use tracking to figure out growth and decline.

This is a fantastic product that makes investing easy with a beautiful UI, and simplistic methodology. I would recommend putting in a bit of money and learning some simple stock market routines and patterns.

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