The insanity of Liverpool and Spurs battling for European supremacy

Appreciating the journey each team took to get to Madrid, and pondering the wild nature of this final matchup.

Insanity, history, unparalleled joy, tears, and English success will take place at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid this weekend. For the first time in five years, there will be a champion of Europe not from Spain, and for the first time since 2012 an English team will win the Champions League.

When the final whistle blows on Saturday, either Liverpool or Tottenham will be champions of Europe. I can’t get over that. Despite all the memes, the jokes, the injuries, the lack of consistency, and history; one of these two historical and sometimes depressing teams will achieve success neither have seen in years. There’s no chance that Real Madrid or Barcelona will somehow be involved and snatch the title away, of course, weirder things have happened in Madrid. The trophy is coming to North London or Liverpool. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

What makes this even more spectacular and special is how both teams got to this point. Liverpool and Tottenham were both losing heading into their respective semi-final second leg matchups against Barcelona and Ajax.

Liverpool were down 3–0, without an away goal to their names, and had to make a dramatic comeback against Messi and his fleet of merry old men.


The tactics and game plan were beautiful. Barcelona folded like my freshly pleated basketball shorts, and history was made. For the second straight season, Liverpool were going to the Champions League final. They did so with a deep roster that showed its teeth in a win without Mohamed Salah, and on the backs of fans that are among the most passionate and committed in all of sport.

After the whistle sounded, you’ll never walk alone, the traditional creed of Liverpool supporters, was joined by Klopp and the players. The look on the faces of the fans who’ve gone through so much heartbreak as supporters of this legendary club tells you everything you need to know about football.


On the other side of the pitch in Madrid stand Spurs. The lovable losers of England that were so cute but never did anything for years. This chance at a title is the culmination of the Mauricio Pochettino era at Tottenham. All the work, the intricate team building, and roster moves lead to this.

Tottenham’s journey to Madrid is equally as dramatic and unlikely as Liverpool’s, which is saying something. Spurs had to go through Manchester City in the quarterfinals and Ajax in the semifinals to reach this point. Each matchup presented incredible football and equally incredible drama.

Spurs had to put up with a blistering City attack all game and matched it with equally effective offensive moves. The beginning and end of this game were unlike anything I’ve seen. The start to the match was breathtaking and the end had unparalleled drama featuring best director nominee VAR, and best actor nominee Martin Tyler.


Life was good for Spurs for a short period of time. They moved on to face the wonder kids of Ajax in the semifinals. The first leg went poorly. Spurs looked outmatched athletically and tactically, and then the second leg brought yet another level of drama that the Champions League seems to take in stride nowadays.


Championship events happen often in sports. Seismic, championship events don’t happen that often. This is one of those events. Whatever happens in Madrid, each one of these teams overcame incredible obstacles to even get here and created miracle sporting events as a result. This win, for either Liverpool or Spurs, is a career-making, life-changing, and fan defining match. Football at its finest.

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