Hobbs & Shaw is the beautiful love child of Fast and Furious and John Wick

Trailer analysis from the beautiful Fast and Furious spin-off world.

There’s so much to talk about in this trailer. A three-minute masterpiece of everything we love about action movies in today’s age.

  • As Shaw reminds us, its a Fast and Furious franchise so its gotta be about the family business.

  • A virus that wipes out half the world, guess the other half are the privileged? Who knows but we needed a virus.

  • Helen Mirren and Idris Elba gracing the Fast world.

  • Running down skyscrapers with presumably sticky shoes. I always love when movies do this and feel the need to have some explanation by the weapons guy in the lab. Like listen we know this seems ridiculous, but here let’s have Jim in the lab tell you why it’s not so crazy. Because this makes it more reasonable.

  • “I’m black superman” and “Shaw's sister took something from me” are the quotes I needed from Idris Elba to believe he belongs in this world.

  • “We’re gonna need guns and cars”. Rock taking the Vin mantel. Really hope he’s gripping a Corona at some point in the loveable way that Vin prefers to partake in his drink of choice. Maybe even a “Salud, mi familia” at some point would be great.


  • Hobbs going home to mama and meeting the family is a needed plot twist. Ala, Jeremy Renner in the Avengers going to that dinky safehouse. Except this one is actually wanted.

  • While he’s at home with his brothers, the Rock doing what I think is referred too as a Haka before going into battle. Will be watching this before every future Search and Destroy round 7 going forward.

  • The trailer ended with the Rock holding onto a helicopter by a chain while flying through the air.

On August 2 our lives grow in meaning.