FaZe joining the Pro League and other rumors

Waiting for the Red Reserve spot to be sold has the COD community in flux.

The COD community is still waiting for the announcement to come through. However, it’s been all but officially confirmed that FaZe Clan will be buying the Red Reserve spot in the CWL. Red has been going through some org difficulties for some time and FaZe see a chance to get back onto the main stage.

The roster seems like it’ll be Cellium, Zooma, Skrapz, Zero, and Attach.

OpTic replacing Teep gains traction

By gains traction I mean it’s been posted on Redit and Bevils has somewhat confirmed it. Members of OpTic have come out and denied this but it’s worth mentioning.

Team EnVy seems to be finished

There have been rumors for some time that EnVy are going to break up. The former EG squad moving over to join Huke hasn’t really gone as planned. EnVy higher-ups have apparently taken the side of Huke when it comes to roster decisions. Probably not what Aches anticipated when moving over.

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