Zooma to replace Dashy on OpTic Gaming while “Issues” are sorted out

The OpTic star is having problems that caused them to use their substitute Zoomaa in week one of the pro league.

OpTic Gaming COD coach TeePee confirmed on his stream this morning that their substitute Zoomaa would be taking over for superstar Dashy for an indefinite amount of time while Dashy gets his “issues” sorted out. The rumor has been that this is a Visa issue, but again, that’s just a rumor and there’s no way to tell if that’s true till someone from OpTic gives more details.


There were rumors floating around Sunday afternoon when it was revealed Zoomaa was flying to Columbus. Most subs in CoD aren’t actually used, and of course the juiciest of plots came into our view when a video was posted of OG watching the super bowl together and Dashy wasn’t there.

Zoomaa is an interesting replacement for Dashy. The thought process seems to be that either Teej or Zoomaa will switch to Maddox and the other will stick to a Saug with Scump.

As more news comes out I’ll try to add it here. This is an incredibly interesting subplot to follow today and the following days of the Pro League.

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