How long will OpTic be without Dashy & how will they adjust?

The favorites at the Pro League are without their MVP, how will they adjust after a 3–0 loss on opening night?

The CoD World was in shock and delight (because drama right) when it was announced that FaZe Clan’s ZooMaa, who is OpTic’s sub for the Pro League, would be taking MLG Vegas MVP Dashy’s spot for the time being while Dashy sorted out some “issues:”. After the Twitter and Reddit community had their hay day with rumors and speculation, the Pro League had to start and OpTic had a few hours of scrims with ZooMaa instead of Dashy to get things in order.

It didn’t go well. In their first match of the Pro League against newcomer Midnight, OpTic were 3–0'd. The adjustments that OpTic tried to make just didn’t work well in the few hours they had to practice, and no one could blame them. After months of practice with Dashy, they were expected to fill in with ZooMaa in just a few hours by the section of fans that are highly expectant on Twitter.

As to how long Dashy will be out, it appears that it’ll be at least this entire week, and potentially through next week. FaZe Clan’s Update Twitter account was the first place we saw that it looks to be two weeks with Dashy.


The biggest question for OpTic is, of course, the specifics around when Dashy will be back are the most important thing to the squad’s gameplay. However, since there doesn’t appear to be a specific date that anyone knows, OpTic is forced to adjust on the fly with ZooMaa.

There were a few different lines of thinking around ZooMaa’s arrival and the strategy that OpTic should deploy.

  1. Don’t change anything strategically, just throw ZooMaa into a Maddox role and simply say “win your gunfights”.

  2. Then there was a line of thinking in moving ZooMaa into a more aggressive role with a Saug and move Scump, or more popularly move TJ, into the Maddox role.

OpTic were a bit all over the place yesterday and the strategy they deployed in a couple of short hours isn’t likely what they’ll stick with. I don’t think any logical person could throw shade at them for what happened yesterday. Practicing for months with a specific squad, and then having a few hours to adjust is a tall order. Especially when you’re playing the fourth-ranked team in my power rankings, Midnight.

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