CoD Pro League Power Rankings

Stream info, team to watch, and power ranking the best teams at the Call of Duty Pro League’s first week.

February 4th the 16 teams that qualified for the CoD Black Ops 4 Pro League will start competing in Columbus, Ohio. This is really where the Black Ops 4 season comes into full swing with league play. The meta comes into full tilt and the countless hours of scrims pay off.

I’m going to start off by ranking the top five teams, given that all we have to go off of are scrims, MLG Vegas, and the ProDown; we really don’t know how the middle of each side will play out.

What I can say is that so far in Black Ops 4 scrims and the ProDown have been a pretty good reflection of what happened on LAN at MLG Vegas. OpTic and eUnited were miles above the rest in scrims and it played out pretty well at Vegas. Luminosity played badly in scrims and in the ProDowns, and played badly at Vegas. The one team that came out of nowhere from where I expected them to be is Splyce.

Splyce looked good going into Vegas but with how well they pushed OpTic and EU, it was a surprise. So the power rankings in the first week are probably going to change the most drastically from the first to second week.

Power Rankings

5. Team Envy

In the last week of online play Envy have been playing really well. They were a team that disappointed me at Vegas and you knew would get better with time. I’d be surprised

4. Midnight Esports

Midnight finished second in the ProDown recently with a substitute on their team. They were the coming out team of the Pro League qualifiers and have followed up that success in scrims online. Expect a big showing.

3. eUnited

Despite playing a bit worse in scrims recently, eU are still one of the best and most consistent teams in Black Ops 4 thus far.

2. Splyce

I haven’t had a chance to keep a super close on Splyce in scrims or in the ProDown, but after what I saw out of Temp and squad at MLG Vegas, they’ll be in the top five until they show me their prowess has lessened.

1. OpTic Gaming

There was a narrative where just after MLG Vegas OpTic were a bit slow out of the gate. The break seemed to have treated the other teams well and perhaps the gap was closing a bit. Turns out a decent reason it was looking that was stock II on the Saug and rust. Now that the rust has fallen off and stock II is GA’d, OpTic have looked nasty in scrims the last week or so.

Stream Info and Schedule

Call of Duty Twitch Channel

“Every week of the Pro League will feature matches on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Matches will begin at 4PM ET on each of those dates. A full schedule will be released closer to the start.”

Charlie Intel

Team to Watch

100 Thieves

Without a doubt, the most interesting team at the Pro League is Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves. Subpar performances at MLG Vegas, in scrims, and in the Pro League Qualifiers led to a roster change before the Pro League starts this week. They moved Fero to the bench and added FaZe Clan’s Priestah, who failed to make the Pro League, as their fifth. There were high expectations and hot takes flying around about 100 Thieves before their roster move, I wouldn’t expect those to slow down.



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