Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Pro League Power Rankings, Top Storylines, and Stream Info (Week 2)

Stream info, team to watch, and power ranking the best teams at the Call of Duty Pro League’s second week.

Week 1 of the Call of Duty Pro League was really interesting. We knew we were in for a wild week when rumors started pouring in that OpTic Dashy would be missing out for some time. The result was the consensus best team in Division A being forced to adjust with a substitute in FaZe ZooMaa. That along with the games themselves created a great opening week for the Pro League.

There were three main storylines that popped out to me during week one. The first being the Dashy absence and how OpTic would react. They recovered incredibly well going 3–1 on the week, but the first match against Midnight was a quick 3–0 loss for the Green Wall. Turns out, you need to practice and switch things up when replacing a guy you’ve played with for months on end, and OpTic wasn’t afforded that. OpTic should continue to grow in week two of the Pro League should Dashy still be gone.

The second storyline that stuck out was Luminosity Gaming’s continued struggles. Despite playing somewhat well at MLG Vegas, no one would say that so far this year LG have looked anywhere close to how good they should look with the talent they have at their disposal. Going 0–3 week one is a horrible look for LG, and if things don’t improve a Slacked and perhaps Classic replacement might be on the way.

Lastly, Midnight Esports continued their impressive streak on LAN. They went 4–0 on the week, only dropping two maps and gaining respect from everyone.

Power Rankings

5. Gen.G

Gen.G quietly went 3–0 this week. They only dropped three maps and continued to look more comfortable as the week went along.

4. eUnited

Clay and company continue to look good in scrims. Can’t wait to see them on LAN again.

3. Splyce

It’s been a minute since I’ve watched any Splyce gameplay. Their high ranking with continues to be a Temp confidence vote. Don’t bet against that guy.

2. OpTic Gaming

The Green Wall are a tough read. This ranking is a combination of Dashy’s absence and keeping Dashy in mind when ranking them, if that makes sense. Even when Dashy comes back, there’s going to be another adjustment period with him just like there has been with ZooMaa. It won’t be nearly as drastic, but there will be moments that show rust.

1. Midnight Esports

Nothing more needs to be said about Midnight. They have one of the most consistent Hardpoints in the game right now. No lead seems to be safe against Midnight and their role changes throughout different hills is a blast to watch.

Stream Info and Schedule

Call of Duty Twitch Channel

“Every week of the Pro League will feature matches on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Matches will begin at 4PM ET on each of those dates. A full schedule will be released closer to the start.”

Charlie Intel


Team to Watch

Luminosity Gaming: If you wanna talk about a team that needs a win, it’s LG. They have three of the best players in the game, and then Slacked and Classic. Who don’t get me wrong, are really good players, but have not been what LG needs. It’s forcing FormaL into positions he’s not as good at, and making Gunless play hero mode. If LG doesn’t get things going, changes are probably upcoming.

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