Call of Duty Blackout Help Guide

There’s a ton to consume in this game, here’s some help.

A ton of this information is compiled from the Beta, so it might not be entirely up to date as of yet. I’ll hopefully add to it once that info is compiled.


Perks in Blackout are consumable and disappear after a period of time.

  • Paranoia: Gives an audio alert when you’re targeted by an enemy

  • Skulker: Move faster while crouched and prone

  • Stimulant: Increases max health by 100 points

  • Outlander: Reduced damage from circle. Increased speed while taking damage from circle.

  • Looter: Reveal nearby stashes and items

  • Iron Lungs: Hold your breath longer while shooting sniper rifles or diving underwater

  • Consumer: Reduces times it takes to use items, heal, or revive teammates by 20%.

  • Mobility: Move and swap weapons faster. take no fall damage. Fire weapons and use Equipment while sprinting. Move faster when reloading.

  • Brawler: Increases melee damage. Gain 50 health per each successful melee attack.


BLACKOUT GUNS LIST (Credit to Pro Game Guides)

Here’s a full list of all the guns you can find in Blackout! I’ve tried to include a brief explanation with each gun as well as their ammo type and magazine size.


This is a list with the best option from each of the weapon types in the game. A lot of this comes down to personal preference, but I tried to narrow it down to weapons that have good accuracy, damage, and general overall feel.

  • Best Assault Rifle: Maddox RFB

  • Best Tactical Rifle: Auger DMR

  • Best SMG (Submachine Gun): GKS

  • Best LMG (Lightmachine Gun): Titan Operator

  • Best Shotgun: MOG 12

  • Best Sniper Rifle: Paladin HB5D

  • Best Pistol: Strife


These are all automatic firing rifles, they either use 5.56 or 7.62mm rounds. The Assault Rifle is going to be your go to weapon for just about every situation, you will want to have at least one of these with you at all times. They do a lot of damage and have good range and are useful up close. Using one of these and a Sniper Rifle is going to be the most common loadout.

Maddox RFB

Might be the best assault rifle in the game, it packs a punch and is very accurate. It uses 5.56mm ammunition and has a 40 round magazine size.

Vapr XKG

Weaker in the damage department than your average assault rifle, but is quite accurate. The Vapr XKG uses 5.56mm ammo with a 35 round magazine.

Rampart 17

The Rampart packs a punch due to the usage of 7.62mm ammunition, but is a bit slow in terms of fire rate. You also only get 25 rounds in a magazine, so this isn’t as good of a sprayer as some of the other options.


This is a similar weapon to the AK-47 that everyone knows and is familiar with if you’ve played Counter-Strike. It delivers some good damage with 7.62mm rounds and packs 35 rounds in the magazine. Good all-around assault rifle.


ICR is going to be one of the most accurate sprayers in the assault rifle class. However, you are giving up damage for that amount of accuracy. It runs 5.56mm ammo and has a 30 round magazine.


If you are familiar with the Galil from games like Counter-Strike and former CODs then this is an updated version of that weapon. It runs 5.56mm ammo and has a 35 round magazine.


The majority of these are burst rifles, so if you don’t like that style of gun then you should stay clear of them. You don’t want these in a close range fight unless you feel comfortable landing the majority of the shots to the head. Due to the delay between burst rounds, someone with an automatic rifle or SMG will just spray you down if you miss one of your shots.


Like most burst rifles, these are better in mid-to-long range conflicts and particularly if you get the jump on your opponent. You are looking to land the full burst from a staying still and ADS position. When you are moving or having to fire quickly it is much less accurate and because you are firing four rounds at a time they do less damage than an assault rifle. The Swordfish uses 5.55mm ammo and has a 40 round magazine.

ABR 223

Another of the burst rifles that has similar issues as the Swordfish. One of the benefits of the ABR is that it comes with an optic already on it, so if you don’t have a scope you won’t necessarily need one for it. The ABR 223 uses 5.56 ammo and has a 30 round magazine.

Auger DMR

The Auger is a good replacement for a Sniper Rifle if you don’t have access to one. It has good damage with the 7.62mm ammo, and comes with a scope already attached to it. The magazine is a bit small with only 20 rounds, and it fires a bit slowly, so be sure to have an automatic or smg as a secondary.

Essex Model 07

A weird addition to the arsenal, you can’t attach things to it and it doesn’t do much damage. It’s kind of a sniper rifle, but is a lever action and uses 7.62mm rounds instead. It’s slow and awkward, not one I would pick up.


The Submachine Gun does less damage than your average automatic due to using smaller ammunition. These generally use 9mm rounds, but the MX9 uses .45 Cal.


The Cordite is a solid SMG with a huge 60 round magazine and that uses 9mm ammunition. It’s great for close quarters fights where you need to spray your problems away. It gets weaker and weaker as the distance increases.


GKS is a strong option in the SMG class, it does good damage and has good accuracy with low recoil.


The MX9 has a high fire rate with relatively controllable recoil. Strong in the early game, but you’ll want to replace it quickly when players start accumulating armor.


One of the weakest SMGs in the game. It’s basically an automatic pistol so it will be only good in close ranged situations and only worth picking up in the early game when you don’t have another option.


The MP40 is an old-school weapon that uses 9mm ammo and has a 32 round magazine. Good overall weapon and worth using in the early to mid-game.


Lightmachine Guns fire large rounds and can deal a lot of damage. They generally shoot slowly and are usually impacted by high-recoil, but have large Magazines making them create for covering fire and pinning down enemies.


This is a Zombie exclusive weapon, you can find it in the Mystery Stash or by killing a Zombie. It’s a double barreled LMG of all things, and can send out a ton of bullets. The problem is that it’s pretty inaccurate and only makes sense in close range situations.

Titan Operator

Powerful weapon that fires slowly, but is surprisingly accurate for an LMG. You can output a ton of damage with this thing to players but also vehicles. You’ll be hoping to get the jump on whoever you are firing at though due to the slower fire rate of this weapon.


If you are looking for a weapon that can hit targets at great distances than the Sniper Rifle will be your good friend.


This is weaker than the Paladin in terms of damage, but it’s faster to fire so you can send more shots down range. It’s a bolt-action like the Paladin, but it uses .338 Cal ammunition and has an 8 round magazine.

Paladin HB5D

The most powerful Sniper Rifle in the game. The Paladin will make short work of players if you are able to land a shot with it to the head. It’s bolt-action, so there’s going to be delay when you fire it. It has a 6 round magazine size and uses .50 Cal ammunition.


When you are up close and personal in a battle then you’ll most likely be hoping you have a shotgun. While they aren’t the greatest in Blackout, they can be quite strong in the early game when enemies don’t have armor and if you can land a full blast on someone they will usually go down in one shot.

MOG 12

A pump shotgun that has a longer delay in-between shot than the SG12. This can be very strong in the early game, and will take people down in one shot if they don’t have armor and from a surprisingly longer range than you’d expect.


This is an automatic shotgun giving you fast shots and can overwhelm enemies in the early game when you are forced to battle close.


Launchers are usually both rocket and grenade, but currently we only have a Rocket Launcher.

Hellion Salvo

This is a pretty powerful weapon and can take out enemies quite quickly if you land the shot. You can also lock onto targets if you ADS and hold your crosshair on the target long enough! These are fairly rare, but should be considered if you find one.


Pistols are usually the weakest weapons in any Battle Royale styled game. It pretty much doesn’t change in Blackout, however, if you are feeling cheeky then you can run the Ray Gun which does quite a bit of damage.


The Strife is a .45 Caliber Pistol that holds 20 Rounds. It’s semi-automatic and can be fired quickly. You’ll only really want to use this in the early game when you can’t find another weapon.


Mozu is a .45 Cal Double Action Pistol that holds 6 rounds. This is a slower firing pistol that rewards well placed shots. You only want to hit headshots with this thing, and when you do you can do some work. However, it’s too iffy of a weapon to really use at any point in the game other than early on.

Ray Gun

The Ray Gun is a Zombie exclusive weapon! You can get it from Mystery Stash Boxes or it drops from the Zombies you kill that are swarming these areas. It has 20 Rounds, but doesn’t have an ammo type. Once you run out of shots with this thing, the gun is useless and can’t be reloaded. It has a pretty slow fire rate, but it does a lot of damage when you hit someone with it. This is a more for fun weapon, but can make for great YouTube clips.

Helicopters Locations (Credit to SegmentNext)

While the helicopter will spawn in every game of the Blackout Beta but it will spawn on select helipads and every match the location will change.

That is where our Blackout Helicopters Guide comes in to help you with all of the helipad locations where you will find the helicopter.

Nuketown Island

A helipad is located on the Nuketown Island where players will find the helicopter if it is spawned there.

However, as I mentioned before the Helicopter spawns are random which means that there is a chance that helicopter will spawn on the Nuketown Island in Black Ops 4 Blackout beta.

Construction Site

Players will also find a helipad on the Construction Site in Black Ops 4 Blackout beta, where there will find a Helicopter if it is spawned there.

Cargo Docks

Cargo Docks is another potential location where the Helicopter can spawn. You will find the helipad at Southern corner of this location.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta players will find the helipad on the edges of the Factory area. To be exact, the helipad is located at the Southern corner of the Factory.


Players will find the helipad to the Easters side of the Estates where the helicopter can potentially spawn.


The helipad is quite easy to find at the Turbine as not much is around it. This also makes one of the most easily accessible helipads on the map.

Firing Range

This is an interesting place for the Helicopter to spawn, as there are two possible locations in the Firing Range where the helicopter will spawn. One is the helipad that will be behind a large wooden fence.

The other location for the Helicopter to spawn in the Firing Range in front of a barn which makes it easier to access since it is not a well-known spawn location among players. The Firing Range itself is located almost at the center of the map.

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