Week 9: Fortnite Friday Team Power Rankings and Storylines

Ninja’s trek is finally complete, and the FaZe boys look for revenge.

Well the biggest storyline in Fortnite Friday has finally is finally over. Ninja and c9Hysteria finally grabbed a Fortnite Friday victory in last week’s exciting tournament. What makes the win even better is that they beat FaZe TFUE and Cloak in the final. It would have just felt a bit strange had Ninja won the tournament without going through the best team in the tournament.

For everyone that says TFUE and Cloak should be split up because they’re overpowered as a squad I think last week was a perfect example of why, for now, they’re not a detriment to the tournament. After all, the tournament is about entertainment, not competitive balance.

I think right now, the FaZe boys provide an entertaining challenge as the best team in the tournament week after week. They’re so good in the format that Fortnite Friday provides that it makes everyone else seem average and beatable. They’re a mountain to climb each week and for now the competitive balance is in a perfect state. FaZe is winning just enough to make themselves a juggernaut, but not enough to where each week is a forgone conclusion.

This week’s tournament provides some interesting storylines and new teams. Although the team consistency that the tournament is starting to bring with it is also very enticing.

Instead of doing individual power rankings this week, I’d like to do a team power rankings. Purely ranked by their ability in a tournament of this style, which has a large emphasis on pub-stomping as opposed to just good competitive competencies that pro tournaments will require.

  1. FaZe TFUE and FaZe Cloakzy: Despite not winning last week, there isn’t a matchup that will come up on the bracket where these guys won’t be the favorites. They rolled through the winners bracket last week and were left waiting for the losers bracket winners once again. It’ll be interesting to see them go through the gauntlet that is the losers bracket if that ever happens, it’d be fascinating to see how they’d perform.

  2. Ninja and c9Hysteria: The champions of last week’s tournament have really started to find a flow together. This is their third week playing together and the consistencies are starting to make themselves apparent. Their playing styles compliment each other very well and Hysteria isn’t afraid to push back and probe Ninja’s tactics when necessary. It creates a really solid team dynamic and has been effective.

  3. TSM_Myth and TSM_Hamlinz: Myth and Ham has been getting a ton of practice recently in Playground mode against pros. They’ve both been really impressive but it remains to be seen how those tactics will play in this tournament. The problem is that the tactics of Fortnite Friday are mostly about rotation and hoping that the potatoes are flowing, that playground practice is great for when (if) competitive LAN Fortnite Tournaments take place.

  4. NoahJ456 and Avxry: The dynamic duo that surprised me every week in the first few weeks of Fortnite Friday are back. They always seemed to make the final four despite tough roads. They’ve built a solid reputation in this tournament.

  5. SypherPK and 100T SirD: In his first week without NickMercs, Sypher had a really good tournament. Pairing with 100 Thieves’ newest player will be interesting. I know nothing about SirD, but I know Sypher is up the challenge.

  6. HighDistortion and NickMercs: This is a really interesting pairing. If NickMercs is going to make a dent in this tournament again it’ll be with someone like a HighDistortion.

  7. Vikkstar123 and Tinny: That European connection though, always makes Vikkstar123 and Tinny wildcards. On top of both being amazing players, the weird connection these guys are used to playing on when they play on U.S. servers is a real help.

  8. TypicalGamer and Thief: Another couple of players, very similar to NoahJ456 and Avxry, that surprised me early on with good performances. They should be effective together.

  9. TSM_Daquan and TSM_CaMills: Consistently one of the more disappointing duos in this tournament. Both are incredibly talented players and if they put things together are more than capable of winning the tournament. A good lower tiered bet if gambling on this tournament was a thing.

  10. OpTic Courage and FaZe Cizzorz: A solid run last week had me considering where Jack and Cizz should be in these rankings. Ten is honestly low for how well they can play, but also they’re more than capable of an early exit which is why I have them so low. Hope they prove me wrong.

You can look at the full bracket and rules for Fortnite Friday here.

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