Week 10: Fortnite Friday Player Power Rankings and Storylines

FaZe going for the one for the thumb and a Daequan looks to show out.

Week 10 of Fortnite Friday has a bit of a different vibe around it after Epic Games finally announced a series out tournaments that would take place over the summer and dwarf Fortnite Friday’s prize pool.


As a result, tournament founder Keemstar announced that starting in a couple of weeks, Fortnite Friday would be moved to Sundays and be rebranded as Sunday Fortnite. It’ll start July 29th at 1PM ET. This move is probably due to the likelihood that Epic Games will be dominating the earlier portion of the weekends moving forward. Starting with this Saturday’s duo tournament worth 250,000 dollars.

Combine that news with the fact that Ninja, Myth, and Hamlinz aren’t in this week’s tournament for different reasons, and you have yourself a weird Fortnite Friday. This tournament’s reign as interesting isn’t close to being over. But its reign as the supreme Fortnite tournament just might be.

Without further ado, let’s rank some players. Now obviously I’m only ranking the players that are playing this week and their ranking is off their individual abilities in a tournament of this style.


  1. FaZe TFUE: There’s a different feeling in the tournament when you’re up against TFUE. It’s a feeling of inevitable loss and that he’s pretty much unbeatable. It’s a well founded sense of inevitability because TFUE has built a reputation of being one of the best survive and slay players in the game. Backed up by winning this tournament four times already.

  2. FaZe Cloakzy: We’d be remise if Cloakzy wasn’t mentioned. I used to think TFUE was a one man show, but after watching this team more closely in recent week’s it’s pretty obvious how valuable and great Cloak is.

  3. HighDistortion: I will backup HD for as long as it takes. He’s going to win a Fortnite Friday (Sunday), at some point. It just doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen with NickMercs as his teammate. No offense to Nick, love his streams and everything, it just hasn’t gone all that well in recent weeks. I hope he proves me wrong.

  4. Daequan: After a much better showing last week, I feel a lot better about Daequan and Camills. Without some key players playing this week, this could really be their shot. Although playing FaZe in the first round means they’ll have to make their run from the losers bracket.

  5. King Richard: The King has been playing really well and is constantly threatening a deeper run with AimBotCalvin as his teammate. The pressure of playing with Ninja is annoying for most players. Richard certainly didn’t wilt under that pressure, but playing without Ninja has seemed to free him up.

You can look at the full bracket and rules for Fortnite Friday here.

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