Fortnite Friday clashes with Epic Games’ Summer Skirmish

No one wins in this week’s strange fight.

This week’s Fortnite Friday comes with a bit of controversy. After Epic Games announced a series of Fortnite tournaments on Fridays and Saturdays, Keemstar, the founder of Fortnite Friday, said he would be moving his tournaments to Sunday starting later this month.


It seemed like a pretty chill move. He understood the power that Epic Games has when it comes to being able to offer more money for their tournaments and making them a bigger priority. But at the same time Keemstar has generated a love and appreciate for Fortnite and Fortnite streamers that Epic has to at least respect some.

So this week when rumors and reports started circulating that Epic’s tournament this week would be on Friday, Keem wasn’t happy. I get both sides to this , Epic can do what they want, and Keem can feel offended by this because they’re kind of giving him the business.

The unfortunate part is that the people who “suffer” from these tournaments being on the same day are the fans. The biggest and best players will be split between the two tournaments instead of purely playing against each other.

The Epic tournament this week is a solo tournament, that will be played with precision and a carefulness that is necessary, but also something that can get old. Fortnite Friday is the perfect antidote to a purely competitive, conservatively played tournament. It’s flashy and flamboyant, something like the WWE as Polygon mentioned this week.

These tournaments taking away players from each other due to being played at the same time sucks. Hopefully its a one week occurrence and they can go back to complimenting each other soon.

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