Fortnite Friday player rankings and storylines

Ninja finds a repeat teammate and FaZe looks to seal a dynasty

In last week’s Fortnite Friday I feel like everything peaked. The superstar teams stuck around till the very end, there was a surprise in High Distortion, which your boy called, and a fantastic run to the finals.

The last four teams were Ninja/Hysteria, the FaZe boys, Myth and Ham, then High Distortion and FaZe Avxry. Each matchup coming down the stretch was high stakes and quality entertainment. It was a wonderful mix of gameplay that featured some of the best and most entertaining streamers in the world. A true Fortnite Friday masterpiece.

This week’s looks to be the same. The potential end game matchups are amazing. Instead of highlighting the best round one matchups I’d like to do a power rankings of the best players in this week’s tournament.

These aren’t best players in a vacuum, just best players for this style of tournament. I only went eight players deep, ten was just too much for my brain.

  1. FaZe TFUE: It’s going to take a lot to dethrone TFUE. He’s on a roll right now when it comes to his individual performances in streams, or in his Fortnite Friday performances. It’s gotten to the point when teams come up against FaZe I just assume its over. They’re so good in the early game despite the many difficulties early game presents.

  2. High Distortion: I’m going to ride the HD train for as long as I can. It was inconceivable to me that he wasn’t apart of the earlier Fortnite Friday tournaments and now seems to be getting his due. After an amazing tournament run last weekend, HD is back. I look forward to watching his ridiculous performances. He’s going up against FaZe in the first round which should be good, but is more than capable of a loser’s bracket run.

  3. Ninja: The bad luck just keeps flowing for Ninja, but sticking with C9Hysteria will be good for him. Ninja feels overdue for a Fortnite Friday win. It’s just a matter of time before it happens.

  4. TSM_Daequan: He really is one of the best and most exciting players. Teaming up with TSM_Camills will be interesting though. Despite being a really good player, Camills has seemed to drag down Dae in recent weeks.

5. TSM_Hamlinz: Ham is one of the most efficient builders in the game. I love watching his fluidity in build fights. He never seems rattled or like he’s going to be in a losing position.

6. FaZe Cloakzy: He plays with TFUE every week, so until I see Cloak by himself I can’t really evaluate him as effectively.

7. LOLiTO FDEZ: A new addition to Fortnite Friday. I very much see Dez as comparable to High Distortion. Totally capable of pub stomping in the most effective of ways for this tournament.

8. TSM_Myth: One of the more underrated stories, at least in my strange mind, in recent weeks is Myth and his odd performances in the last month or so. He’s an interesting player to me because I think it’s unfair to compare him to HD or Ninja or even TFUE. He’s a more supportive player that isn’t necessarily on the same level as a Hamlinz or TFUE and their building ability paired with combat.

You can look at the full bracket and rules for Fortnite Friday here.

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